Cleaning White Suites Lancashire – Read More Here

We were invited to deep clean this white suite at a restaurant that we had completed some cleaning for previously. Through daily use it had become a bit tired and grubby-looking.

When we discussed the cleaning process with our client they emphasised that they had tried everything to get the white fabric to a clean appearance. They felt to that time that they had failed as nothing would offer the results they were looking to achieve.

Upholstery Cleaner LancashireNow some would say that having white fabric suites is a mistake due to […]

Removing Water Marks Lancashire – Read More Here

Sometimes we all have little accidents in our home. In this case something had been spilled onto a footstool leaving a big water mark behind. These can be really difficult to remove but this time complete removal was achieved.

Removing water stains LancashireWatermarks on upholstery are extremely hard to remove. When water is spilled on material it can seem completely harmless. The problem is that when it dries it can leave a large ring around the area to which it was spilled. This can be really frustrating and an exceptional challenge […]

Removing Nail Polish Stains Lancashire – Read More Here

With busy family lives we all experience those moments where you wish you could turn back time. One of these is often related to accidents in the home. A slight mistake in leaving something out that then spills can end in much distress.

Removing nail polish LancashireThe point at which we realise the spillage is often too late as carpet stains absorb almost immediately on untreated carpets. How frequently has this happened to you? You then replay the logic of ‘why didn’t I put it away?’ ‘why wasn’t I more careful?’. […]

Removing Blood Stains Lancashire – Read More Here

Blood Removal LancashireThere are many ways in which blood can end up on your beautiful carpets. The likely result will be concern for your carpets once you have sorted the cause of the bleed.

Removing blood is known to be notoriously challenging. The top reason for this is the fact that blood clots when it is exposed to air. Whilst this is what saves us when healing is required in our bodies, this is the reason why it bonds so quickly to carpet fibres.

Whilst it is always advisable that blood […]

Faux Suede Sofa Transformation Lancashire – Read More Here

Many sofa suites are made out of faux suede material. It is a medium-weight material that is ideal for upholstery furniture. It offers an affordable, soft and durable alternative to suede.

Cleaning Suede LancashireIts use for these items is down to the fact that it is a pliable material. It is absorbent and is known to be less expensive that suede or leather.

Our top tip for cleaning this type of material is to use a dry sponge or a suede brush to remove dirt and dust. Lifting these particles out […]

Top Tips for Carpet Cleaning – Read More Here

Whilst our professional carpet cleaning services is necessary to ensure the longevity of your carpets life, additional care can support this process drastically. The great thing is that as a client of ours you will be privy to all of this information. You will be left empowered with the necessary details of how to manage routine cleaning and care for your carpets.

By preserving the appearance of your carpets you are working to avoid premature wear and general deterioration. You are also working to offer your home improved air quality and an improved living environment. What better reassurance do […]

How to get Grease out of Upholstery – Read More Here

People are increasingly using hair products. Whilst on quick consideration you wouldn’t imagine this would have an effect on your upholstery; it certainly does!

Removing Grease LancashireIndividuals sitting back with hair products in can, over time, leave greasy marks on the cushions of your sofa suite.

The same can happen with without hair products as grease can transfer from your head onto your upholstery.

This may often have a more visible effect on a lighter-coloured suite, but it is important to remember that the same will be happening on your darker-coloured sofas as […]

Remove Carpet Stains Lancashire – Read More Here

Carpet stains can be stubborn! Often people try their hardest to remove the stain, just to have it return. This can be the cause of frustration and can leave people feeling as though their only way to get rid of the issue is to take the carpet up and replace it.

Remove Stains LancashireStop! Don’t continue the battle with stubborn stains. Let us take the pressure away from you and call Brights Cleaning today on 0800 695 3455 to arrange a free, no obligation.

Maybe our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee will […]

Indian Sandstone Cleaning Garstang – Read More Here

Whilst cleaning our client’s leather suite, the owner happened to notice the sign writing on our van advertising our other services. They identified that we are also stone cleaning and restoration specialists and so asked us whether we could help with their Indian sandstone floor.

Sandstone Cleaning GarstangThe sandstone was in a particularly sorry state when we surveyed it. We knew with some tender loving care that it could soon be restored to look at its best. How is this managed?

During the restoration process it is important to draw on all […]

Tile Cleaner Lancashire – Read More Here

Tiled floors are an extremely popular flooring choice. Why is this? Generally, tiles are easy to maintain and they are incredibly hard wearing. Tiles will withstand daily usage and can look incredibly attractive.

Tile Cleaner Thornton-CleveleysHouseholds with children and animals often select stone tiles because of the ease that they can be cleaned. A key to this is to ensure that your stone floor has been appropriately sealed. This process will offer protection against daily wear.

We were asked to deep clean these ceramic tiles in Lancashire. The tiles had been laid […]