Top Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Whilst our professional carpet cleaning services is necessary to ensure the longevity of your carpets life, additional care can support this process drastically. The great thing is that as a client of ours you will be privy to all of this information. You will be left empowered with the necessary details of how to manage routine cleaning and care for your carpets.

By preserving the appearance of your carpets you are working to avoid premature wear and general deterioration. You are also working to offer your home improved air quality and an improved living environment. What better reassurance do […]

How to get Grease out of Upholstery – Read More Here

People are increasingly using hair products. Whilst on quick consideration you wouldn’t imagine this would have an effect on your upholstery; it certainly does!

Removing Grease LancashireIndividuals sitting back with hair products in can, over time, leave greasy marks on the cushions of your sofa suite.

The same can happen with without hair products as grease can transfer from your head onto your upholstery.

This may often have a more visible effect on a lighter-coloured suite, but it is important to remember that the same will be happening on your darker-coloured sofas as […]

Remove Carpet Stains Lancashire – Read More Here

Carpet stains can be stubborn! Often people try their hardest to remove the stain, just to have it return. This can be the cause of frustration and can leave people feeling as though their only way to get rid of the issue is to take the carpet up and replace it.

Remove Stains LancashireStop! Don’t continue the battle with stubborn stains. Let us take the pressure away from you and call Brights Cleaning today on 0800 695 3455 to arrange a free, no obligation.

Maybe our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee will […]

Indian Sandstone Cleaning Garstang – Read More Here

Whilst cleaning our client’s leather suite, the owner happened to notice the sign writing on our van advertising our other services. They identified that we are also stone cleaning and restoration specialists and so asked us whether we could help with their Indian sandstone floor.

Sandstone Cleaning GarstangThe sandstone was in a particularly sorry state when we surveyed it. We knew with some tender loving care that it could soon be restored to look at its best. How is this managed?

During the restoration process it is important to draw on all […]

Tile Cleaner Lancashire – Read More Here

Tiled floors are an extremely popular flooring choice. Why is this? Generally, tiles are easy to maintain and they are incredibly hard wearing. Tiles will withstand daily usage and can look incredibly attractive.

Tile Cleaner Thornton-CleveleysHouseholds with children and animals often select stone tiles because of the ease that they can be cleaned. A key to this is to ensure that your stone floor has been appropriately sealed. This process will offer protection against daily wear.

We were asked to deep clean these ceramic tiles in Lancashire. The tiles had been laid […]

Rug Cleaning Advice Lytham St Annes – Read More Here

Rugs are used for different reasons throughout our homes. It may be that you are looking for something to soften the feel of a particular room. They are often used in order to protect flooring underneath and offer practical solutions to different areas within our homes.

Rug Cleaner LancashireAlthough they brilliantly protect the floor underneath (both from soiling and wear), they are thrust into often challenging spaces. This means that they act as a barrier from the outside and therefore are soiled quickly.

We are also reminded frequently that rugs are usually […]

Cleaning Leather Lancashire – Read More Here

Leather’s rich colourations and sophisticated style ensures that an element of luxury is brought into your home. Leather suites are a large purchase for any family and therefore it is important that they are correctly cared for.

Cleaning Leather LancashireTheir care range depending on the type of leather, its usage and its colour. Generally leather furniture does not requir painstaking care or maintenance. However, there will likely come a time in its life where you feel as though it needs some tender loving care.

It may just be that your usual cleaning […]

Professional Leather Care Lancashire – Read More Here

Leather suites remain popular and caring for these suites is part of our expert provision. Leather is a complex material and it demands a skilled approach in order to clean it.

Leather Cleaning Tips LancashireWe were asked to clean this leather chair for another regular client. They were unsure if anything could be done in order to save their well-loved furniture. They realised that it looked tired-looking and considered the fact that it may be beyond saving.

She approached us to ask whether we thought, in our professional opinion, whether it could […]

Truck Mounted Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning System – Read More Here

At Brights Cleaning we like to go the extra mile, or in this case the extra 2 floors! We were asked to visit this apartment block for a regular client prior to her renting the property out.

Professional Carpet Cleaner LancashireAs you can see from the photo, access was no problem for our massive commercial unit. Most places are accessible for us, meaning we can take care of commercial and domestic clients cleaning needs.

We have invested in the best-possible machinery in order to offer the best-available cleaning results. This is a […]

Removing Oil Carpet Stains Lancashire – Read More Here

Office carpets go through a lot! Not only do they experience extremely high foot traffic but they are also privy to a number of other deteriorating elements.

Oil Stains LancashireWe were invited to deep clean this carpet in Lancashire. This is a short pile blue office carpet that had been neglected and had become grey looking.

Deterioration of any carpet can be slow. This means that it can sometimes go unnoticed. That is, until they are cleaned. Once cleaned the depth of dirt and grime becomes very visible.

This carpet had a bad […]