It is an inevitable fact that our hallway carpets are going to experience high usage and they are more likely to suffer staining from people entering a property with shoes on.

There are techniques you can employ to minimise this wearing process such as:

  • Placing a high-quality entrance mat at your front door (inside and outside)
  • Ensuring that shoes are taken off immediately once entering your home

Making sure to be strict with these techniques will work to minimise dirtying and wearing of your carpet. There is no real way to completely stop any deterioration as there are many particles that get into your carpet fibres that cannot be stopped.

Carpet Cleaner Pilling This is a hallway carpet we were asked to clean in Pilling, Lancashire. The homeowner has a push along walker and the wheels had left dyes on the carpet through daily use.

She was ready to replace the carpet but after a deep clean we were able to breathe new life into it and saving her the inconvineonce and expense of having to replace it.

We are told regularly that it provides huge peace of mind to know that carpets both look clean and are hygienically clean as well. We all do all that we can to provide our family with a safe and healthy living environment and carpet cleaning provides a tangible way to do that.

We never waiver from our view that only the best will do; this is the ethos behind all of our business decisions, product selections, comprehensive training and purchasing of machinery.

Our clients are all immensely pleased to find out that we are confident and passionate about what we do and the first-class service that we deliver. Would you like to arrange a quotation at a time convenient for you? Call today, free on 0800 695 3455.

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