As time goes by, sometimes we don’t notice just how soiled a carpet can start to look. This can be because it all soils together, so effectively the carpets all blend to the same dullish colour.

It’s only when you try to clean a small section that you begin to realise that it might be time for a really good deep clean. At Brights Cleaning we have a great solution to this so you can have clean looking carpets all the time.

It’s our most popular service and is what we call the perfect care maintenance programme. This is a solution to keeping your carpets clean all year round.

Our Perfect Care Maintenance Programme:

Carpet Care Programme LancashireFirst we will deep clean and add a carpet protector to all your carpets. Instead of charging our regular price we will clean and protect them for half price first time.

Then all you do is pay a small, monthly payment for next year’s clean.

To show our appreciation we will also include a free complementary “hi-light” clean in 6 months time, in all your walkway areas.

We also offer unlimited free call outs for any spot stains that might occur while you are on the programme.

This really is a cost-effective solution to keeping your carpets looking their best. We all lead busy lives so let Brights Cleaning take one element away from you. The care programme is extremely popular due to the fact that all elements of carpet cleaning are taken over by us. This reduces effort for our clients, enabling them to use their time for other important things.

We value our clients so take great pride in our work. The programme enables us to take true care of your carpets and you will quickly see the benefits. If you would like to discuss your options please call today on 0800 695 3455.

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