Blood Removal LancashireThere are many ways in which blood can end up on your beautiful carpets. The likely result will be concern for your carpets once you have sorted the cause of the bleed.

Removing blood is known to be notoriously challenging. The top reason for this is the fact that blood clots when it is exposed to air. Whilst this is what saves us when healing is required in our bodies, this is the reason why it bonds so quickly to carpet fibres.

Whilst it is always advisable that blood stains are removed immediately or as quickly as possible, this is not always achievable. It is more likely that stains will need to be removed a while after they have dried.

It is important to remember that although the task will be more difficult, that all is not lost. We offer comprehensive services to fully remove blood stains from carpets and fibres.

Blood Stain.. Removed!

Removingn Blood Stains LancashireThis image shows a patterned Woollen carpet that we were asked to clean. On discussion with our client it was identified that she had fallen with a cut to her head. The blood stain had set and she was worried that it had permanently damaged her carpets. She enquired about our services, wondering if she would need to replace her carpets.

The second image shows that we were able to successfully removal the blood from the carpet. This does require in-depth understanding of the cleaning process required, certain techniques that offer further support and the correct product solutions. Information of these aspects means that the process is completed in the best-possible way and leaves the best result for our clients.

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