Carpets experience a host of varying dirt build up, some of which are individual. Some, on the other hand, are frequently seen due to their origin.

Carpet Cleaner PoultonOne of our clients called us in to see what “those ziggy zaggy” black marks are.

Well, these marks are filtration marks or also called draught marks. They are very common and occur around the edges of carpets caused by dirt sitting at the edge of the fibres.

The marks can come from the top and even from underneath where the floors are not sealed. As you can see, we were able to remove almost all the marks improving the appearance dramatically. Removing filtration marks can be a challenge, but one that we are equipped to deal with.

What can be done to prevent filtration marks?

Due to the way in which they are caused, stopping or reducing the movement of air flow is the only way of stopping draught marks. As you can imagine, this is an almost impossible task so there are some top tips to help reduce the process.

Removing filtration marks LancashireThese are easier to complete prior to the carpet being laid, however, if this is a regular problem then it is well worth lifting your carpets to correct the underlying issues.

  • Try to seal the gaps between your skirting boards and floor boards
  • If you have completely taken up the carpet, then it is worth fitting wooden sheets over the floor boards to prevent air leakage. All joints should be taped to reduce flow through them
  • Consider fitting flexible draught excluders to the base of your doors

While all of these elements can offer support, our professional carpet cleaning services offer deep cleaning for your carpets once stained. The marks are drastically reduced and no longer draw your attention. Are you looking for an experienced carpet cleaner? Call 0800 695 3455 to arrange a visit or quotation.

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