There is a huge variation of stains that appear on our carpets that provide us with a challenge to remove. If you were to ask individuals what their nightmare stain would be, it is highly likely that nail polish would be high on the list.

Removing nail polish BlackpoolTake this one step further and dark-coloured nail polish would be enough to worry any homeowner. We received a call from our client in South Shore, Blackpool who had spilled some blue nail varnish onto her pink bedroom carpet.

The Internet provides us with the option of looking for advice on how to remove carpet stains. However, there is a host of incorrect information available. Many people try different ways of removing nail polish and many of these can seriously damage your carpet fibres.

This damage can be irreversible and will still leave your carpet stain visible. This can result in costly replacement for the entire carpet, should your attempts be fruitless.

Our Top Tip:

Carpet Cleaners BlackpoolOur top tip is to check the information that you read. Our carpet cleaning techniques provide exceptional results. We are confident of our ability to best-served Company to clean your home carpets.

Our specialist knowledge of carpet cleaning meant that we were able to successfully remove the nail polish. The images show how the carpet looked as we arrived and once we had removed the stain.

We work hard to offer cleaning brilliant provisions without exception. Don’t let your carpet stains stress you out. It is our responsibility to deep clean them and eradicate them from your home carpets.

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