Office carpets go through a lot! Not only do they experience extremely high foot traffic but they are also privy to a number of other deteriorating elements.

Oil Stains LancashireWe were invited to deep clean this carpet in Lancashire. This is a short pile blue office carpet that had been neglected and had become grey looking.

Deterioration of any carpet can be slow. This means that it can sometimes go unnoticed. That is, until they are cleaned. Once cleaned the depth of dirt and grime becomes very visible.

This carpet had a bad oil stain on it (as shown on the first image). With our specialist oil removal process and a two-stage cleaning programme we were able to remove all the soiling and the oil stain completely.

Removing Stains LancashireOur client was very happy with the results and I’m sure all his clients will notice the difference as well. He was thinking of replacing the carpets but now will not have to go through the sometimes, arduous task of replacement.

Oil stains are particularly hard to remove. They require an in-depth understanding and skillset in order to successfully remove them. A lot of damage can be caused if the incorrect products or techniques are used. This may, in essence, rub the stain further into carpet fibres. This can cause lasting and unsightly damage.

Varying stains require individual approaches. Have you got a carpet stain that you think may be challenging to remove? We would welcome the opportunity to quote to deep clean your carpets.

We have vast experience in the carpet cleaning trade and we take great pride in our work. We will always offer a comprehensive service with the promise of ongoing care.

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