Whilst our professional carpet cleaning services is necessary to ensure the longevity of your carpets life, additional care can support this process drastically. The great thing is that as a client of ours you will be privy to all of this information. You will be left empowered with the necessary details of how to manage routine cleaning and care for your carpets.

By preserving the appearance of your carpets you are working to avoid premature wear and general deterioration. You are also working to offer your home improved air quality and an improved living environment. What better reassurance do you need that professional carpet cleaning offers such a valued service?

Prior to our visit:

Carpet care advice LancashireOnce we have arranged a convenient time to complete your carpet cleaning work there will be little preparation required. However, we do ask that rooms are prepared by removing belongings and movable furniture.

* Remember to discuss any concerns you have with regards to moving larger pieces of furniture prior to our arrival. We will happily offer information and advice should it be needed or if you are struggling with larger items.

After our visit:

We use an extremely powerful cleaning system. This means that excessive moisture is removed from the carpet during the cleaning process. We even employ the use of powerful fans to speed up the drying process. Once we have left remaining moisture can be removed by the assistance of your heating or air conditioning system.

A couple of tips include:

  • Not walking on the newly cleaned carpet with shoes as this will re-soil the carpet quickly
  • Taking care when transferring from your newly cleaned carpet to other floor types as you may slip

Are you looking for additional carpet care advice? Would you like to request a no obligation quotation? Call Brights Cleaning today on 0800 695 3455.

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