Leather’s rich colourations and sophisticated style ensures that an element of luxury is brought into your home. Leather suites are a large purchase for any family and therefore it is important that they are correctly cared for.

Cleaning Leather LancashireTheir care range depending on the type of leather, its usage and its colour. Generally leather furniture does not requir painstaking care or maintenance. However, there will likely come a time in its life where you feel as though it needs some tender loving care.

It may just be that your usual cleaning routines are no longer working. You may feel as though your leather is looking lack-lustred and not as it used to. Don’t worry; Brights Cleaning are equipped in order to restore your leather.

These images show a green leather suite that we were asked to deep clean. Our client felt as though it had become dull-looking and grubby. They knew it could look better and they wanted us to help.

We deep cleaned the leather surface. Our leather care service ensures that the material is thoroughly cleaned and protected in order to achieve our expert clean. After cleaning this leather it came up as good as new and a few shades lighter.

Leather Cleaning Tips:

Below are a few top tips we thought would be helpful to ensure that you keep your leather looking great

  • Make sure to regularly remove loose particles and debris. This should be done by using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.
  • Dab up any spillages as soon as they are identified
  • Do not rub the surface of your leather as this will likely cause damage

Different stains require individual approaches. We really would recommend that if you are struggling with removing stains or if you would like to look into our leather restoration services that you call Colin today on 0800 695 3455. We will always make sure to arrange appointments at a time that is convenient for you.

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