Cleaning Leather Poulton Le FyldeLeather is such a multi-faceted product and if treated well with the right products and care; it will last a lifetime. Knowledge of leather restoration is quite limited and we take great pride in equipping our clients with this invaluable detail so that they can regularly maintain the best-looking leather furniture.

These images show the before and after of a white leather suite we were asked to clean in Poulton Le Fylde. We were invited to make it a bit cleaner, as the client was only using it as a stop gap before purchasing a new one.

Cleaning Leather LancashireAs you can see with a little care and attention we were able to bring it to near new condition, and having seen the results the client was really impressed and now has NO intention of replacing it.

Most leathers cleaned and protected by us will yield similar results, so no need to replace, just have us clean and protect it at a fraction of the price of renewing. A brilliantly cost-effective service!

Leather Care Tips:

  • When restoring leather, preparation is the key. The area should be thoroughly cleaned and dried prior to any work starting. Not only will this improve the likelihood of a superior finish but it will provide the best adhesion for the repair and dye.
  • It may seem obvious but it is important to invest time in matching the colour. The selected colour needs to be mixed well as this makes sure that the application is a uniform colour. Make sure to blend the colour round the surrounding area to help the repair to be less visible.
  • The last tip is to apply all coats thinly. Each coat must have the opportunity to dry completely prior to any further coats being applied. Whether it is repair compound, top coat or leather protector; each should be used sporadically and coats built up carefully.

Restoring leather suites and leather furniture requires a skillset that we have built up over many years. If you would like to enquire please call 0800 695 3455 today.

I am a time-served carpet cleaner, stone floor restoration specialist, leather restorer and upholstery cleaner serving Lancashire. I pride myself on using only the best products and state of the art machinery to provide exceptional finishes without exception.