This is a couple of cushions from a white leather sofa we were asked to clean in Poulton, Lancashire. The top cushion shows the discoloured leather. Over the years the soiling and dye transfer had started to turn the cushion a greyish colour. However, with our professional leather cleaning techniques, we were able to bring it back to its original white colour.

No one likes their leather to look discoloured. It is sometimes a challenge to keep it clean and this is always understandable when dealing with pale colours. This is where our specialist leather cleaning services are pivotal to keeping your leather looking at its best.

Why Is Leather Popular?

  • Cleaning Leather PoultonDurability. Leather as a material is a durable natural material. Higher quality grades are especially so.
  • This follows seamlessly onto the fact that it is a timeless material. There is no point it being a durable product if it goes out of fashion. Luckily for leather it offers a timeless appearance.
  • Leather is a natural product. This means that it is eco friendly and that no chemicals are used in the making of your leather suites. We always feel good purchasing natural items. These items don’t pollute the air, rivers or environment. Leather is also bio-degradable.
  • Strength. As well as lasting a long time, if cared for correctly leather will also keep its quality.

Professional leather cleaning and leather restoration techniques offer continued support to make sure that your furniture looks incredible for longer. Brights Cleaning are time-served professionals and we will offer you comprehensive support and finishes.

Please feel free to contact our friendly staff today on 0800 695 3455. We will discuss the process of cleaning leather with you whilst giving you details of all our other services. It may be that you’d like other cleaning provisions.

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