Leather suites remain popular and caring for these suites is part of our expert provision. Leather is a complex material and it demands a skilled approach in order to clean it.

Leather Cleaning Tips LancashireWe were asked to clean this leather chair for another regular client. They were unsure if anything could be done in order to save their well-loved furniture. They realised that it looked tired-looking and considered the fact that it may be beyond saving.

She approached us to ask whether we thought, in our professional opinion, whether it could be saved and whether the results would be satisfactory. Our deep cleaning service provided exceptional results and she was so pleased. The light brown colouration was restored and we were able to save her the cost of replacement.

Besides the cost, it can often be challenging to replace furniture as it needs to fit with the existing colour scheme. A lot of people find it a challenge to locate a piece that is both the right size and colour. If your leather suite has more life left in it; then why replace it?

Leather Care LancashireThe leather cleaning process deep cleans and protects the material. It is then better prepared to deal with daily wear and usage.

Here are some Leather Care Tips:

After we have completed our cleaning process we aim to leave our clients with information and advice that will offer benefit to them.

  • Make sure to select a product that is appropriate for cleaning leather
  • Make sure to use techniques that do not damage the leather surface
  • It is important to ensure that you are well-equipped with the knowledge of how to complete spot stains
  • A top tip is to use a spray bottle with a microfibre cloth
  • Do not spray the product directly onto the surface as this will cause oversaturation

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