Rugs are used for different reasons throughout our homes. It may be that you are looking for something to soften the feel of a particular room. They are often used in order to protect flooring underneath and offer practical solutions to different areas within our homes.

Rug Cleaner LancashireAlthough they brilliantly protect the floor underneath (both from soiling and wear), they are thrust into often challenging spaces. This means that they act as a barrier from the outside and therefore are soiled quickly.

We are also reminded frequently that rugs are usually our pets number one place for resting. Either way this means that rugs in our homes are experiencing higher than normal usage and are becoming dirty, quickly as a result.

This image shows a rug that we recently cleaned. It had been placed in a well-used conservatory. Our clients mentioned to us that their grandchildren used this space to enter from their garden. This meant that it had become soiled and its original colouration lost under layers of dirt and grime.

Our exhaustive rug cleaning service made light work of the cleaning process. The rug was soon starting to come back to life. The dirt was lifted, revealing the beautiful colours underneath. Once cleaned, it was ready to be used again and no longer looked unsightly.

Tips to Keep Your Rug Clean:

Below are a few ideas we thought helpful in order to keep your rugs clean:

  • Remove footwear prior to entering your home
  • Place mats both inside and outside of all external doors
  • Rotate your rugs in order to even out usage
  • Make sure to consider professional help for your rug cleaning requirements

Our cleaning services are competitively priced and we offer guarantees to ensure your happiness with our results. Are you looking for a rug cleaner? Call today on 0800 695 3455. The call is free from your landline and mobile; we are here to help breathe new life into your rugs.

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