Homeowners often use rugs for decorative purposes. They can break up a floor, offer a softer surface and also look great. If a rug is placed on another floor surface then it is likely to work even harder as a filter from outside contaminants, dirt and dust.

These will be collected in the fibres of the rug and there is a limit to the amount of filtration it can achieve before it starts to deteriorate.

Rugs vary greatly in their style, design, size and quality. Whether you have a man-made rug or one made from natural materials; it is inevitable that they will need routine cleaning.

Rug Cleaning ChorleyThis is one of the rugs that we were asked to clean recently in Chorley, this one is an acrylic rug. This type of rug has a reputation for cleaning up really well. The cleaning process brought the colouration of the rug out and transformed the way that it looked.

Our clients were extremely pleased with the cleaning results. Here are some top tips:

  • Make sure to select the correct cleaning method
  • Make sure the products that you use to clean your rugs are compatible with the material that it is made out of
  • Give special attention to fringes
  • Rotate your rugs annually
  • Make sure that any liquid or food spillages are cleaned up as soon as possible
  • Avoid putting a rug in direct sunlight as this is likely to discolour and fade the rug
  • Ensure that a regular cleaning routine is in place to keep the dirt and dust from building up

Each of these tips enables you to get the most from your rug. We have a wealth of rug cleaning experience and our clients comment on how well-informed and passionate we are about the cleaning process. Please call today to arrange a rug cleaning quotation on 0800 695 3455.

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