This is a wool rug that we were asked to deep clean in Lancashire. Some may believe that it was past its best and could not be restored; but at Brights Cleaning we are well-equipped to transform your worn wool rugs.

Wool Rug Cleaning LancashireWe use wool safe products and we were able to convince our clients that their rug was well-worth professionally cleaning. We therefore saved the rug and the client a lot of money.

Rugs often get dirty quicker than any other floor covering. They are often placed in areas of the home where homeowners are looking to protect the floor underneath.

It is sometimes important to be equipped in how best to deal with routine cleaning of your rug to make sure that it remains looking clean for as long as possible.

Rug Care Tips:

  • Rug Cleaning LancashireTry to rotate your rug on a regular basis; this means that at least once a year you should rotate your rug so that sun damage and uneven wear can be reduced
  • It is important to try and avoid direct sunlight to your rug; over time this can discolour the fibres and can make the floor rug look aged
  • Any spills or stains should be cleaned straight away; this will work to avoid discolouration and unwanted damage
  • Make sure to vacuum the face and the back of your rug; this will remove dirt and reinvigorate the fibres
  • Make sure to employ a rug cleaning specialist; we use tailored cleaning products and techniques that will skilfully clean your rug to its best-possible appearance

If you would like to speak to us about how to clean rugs or our rug cleaning services we invite you to call on 0800 695 3455 and we look forward to hearing from you.

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