Tiled floors are an extremely popular flooring choice. Why is this? Generally, tiles are easy to maintain and they are incredibly hard wearing. Tiles will withstand daily usage and can look incredibly attractive.

Tile Cleaner Thornton-CleveleysHouseholds with children and animals often select stone tiles because of the ease that they can be cleaned. A key to this is to ensure that your stone floor has been appropriately sealed. This process will offer protection against daily wear.

We were asked to deep clean these ceramic tiles in Lancashire. The tiles had been laid a few years ago but had never been sealed. This meant that over the years the dirt had built up and our client was finding them increasingly difficult to clean.

Sealing Stone Floors:

Sealing stone is a vital part of the installation and cleaning process. A stone floor that is not sealed will be soiled quickly and will generally look dull.

How can you tell if your stone flooring needs sealing?

Tile Cleaning Thornton-CleveleysDrop some water onto your tiles; if the water puddles on the surface then your tiles are well sealed. If the water starts to absorb into the tile and leaves a stain then your floors are not adequately sealed.

There is a wide range of stone sealers available and it is important that you select the best one for your particular floor. We deep cleaned this ceramic floor and were able to deliver a lovely clean floor that was sealed in order to protect the tiles.

It would also mean that the tiles would be easier for our client to clean. Ongoing care is much simpler when tiles are sealed and forms another element of why this process is so important.

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