This stone floor was laid in the kitchen of the home we were asked to visit. Our client felt as though it had lost its sparkle. She had tried to clean it on her hands and knees but it took her nearly a week of hard toil.

With our specialist equipment we were able to restore the floor to its original colour and by adding a seal will make it much easier for our client to keep it in tip top condition.

We thought the following top tips for cleaning stone floors would be helpful;

  • Stone tile cleaning PoultonTake time to plan the cleaning process
  • Ensure that you are equipped with the industrial machinery required to complete the task
  • Make sure that you have selected products that will complement your stone type
  • Do not rush as this will likely result in possible mistakes
  • Trial the cleaning process on an inconspicuous area prior to taking on the whole project
  • Seek advice so that you are able to approach the job confidently
  • Make sure that you allow the floor to thoroughly dry in between coats of stone sealer

The above advice may help you realise that seeking the support of a professional stone restoration expert such as ourselves is the simple or only solution.

Tile Cleaner PoultonSome potential clients assume that stone floor restoration services cost a lot of money. Although we realise that there is an outlay for the provision; we make sure that each client receives the best possible level of service.

This is offered confidently with our money back guarantee.

Are you still unsure as to whether to call?

We offer a no pressure approach; we are happy to provide you with a quotation and will assist where required.

Don’t live with tired-looking tiles; call today to request more information on 0800 695 3455. Let us breathe new life into your stone tiles.

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