Modern society has facilitated the idea that possessions and items within our homes can be thrown away or replaced unnecessarily.

Consider your parents or your grandparents; it is likely that they had the same suite for many, many years. It is even likely that a lot of your fond memories will be based around things that happened in the family space.

Although there are, of course, exceptions to the rule we are often sold the idea of ‘credit’ and ‘finance agreements’ that allow us to buy something new and pay for it later.

This is not necessarily required as so many of the suites that we go to look as though they are past their best and may not be able to look clean again.

Suite Cleaning GarstangThink Again About Upholstery Cleaning!

Our upholstery suites are used regularly and natural oils, dye of clothes and general use means that they can start to look weathered. It may be that different areas of your suite are more worn than others; this can make these areas stand out like a sore thumb.

Do not despair as the suite cleaning products and techniques are absolutely astounding.

This is a second hand suite that one of our clients purchased. It was in great condition but required a deep clean.

We were able to bring this suite to almost new condition and our client was extremely pleased with the results. Not only is it deeply cleaned but also saved a huge amount of money on the purchase price of a similar new suite.

Inevitably new furniture is expensive; our suites are made to stand the test of time and so consider our professional upholstery cleaning service. If you are not happy with the results that we achieve; we offer your money back. Who can say fairer than that? We invite you to call today on 0800 695 3455.

I am a time-served carpet cleaner, stone floor restoration specialist, leather restorer and upholstery cleaner serving Lancashire. I pride myself on using only the best products and state of the art machinery to provide exceptional finishes without exception.