How we will get you the best Upholstery Cleaning results:

Upholstery Cleaning Lancashire– We offer you a free evaluation of your upholstery’s needs: every item is treated differently

– We tell you the best approach and why: our experience allows us the benefit of time-served knowledge. This is invaluable to treating your upholstery

– Each manufacturer recommends a specialized cleaning method: we are well equipped in dealing with this

– Best of all, you’ll know up front what we can and can’t do, so there’s no surprises!

Here are some things to consider about upholstery fabrics:

Upholstery Cleaning PoultonUpholstery comes in various type of fabrics and it’s important that we determine what type it is, so we can clean it properly.

Even if you don’t choose us, make sure you get a quote which details the different fabric treatments required. If the wrong cleaning agents are used, they will ruin the fibres and possibly the entire furniture.

Over time we have developed a cleaning process that offers hygienically clean upholstery. So many of our customers are elated with the clean finishes we achieve and how their soft furnishing is brought back to life.

Why are people thrilled with our Upholstery Cleaning service?

The 8 Step Process To The Cleanest, Healthiest Furniture You’ve Ever Seen:

1. High-Filtration Vacuum

First we vacuum with a high filtration cleaning system this removes the dry soil, this is a very important part of the cleaning process, the more dry soil removed, the cleaner the furniture will become, the vacuum we use is specifically designed for super-high performance professional cleaning.

Clean Leather Larkhome


2. Pre-Spot Difficult Stains

We will pre-spot all difficult stains. That is we will carry out specialist stain removal techniques on stains – or that we know will be difficult to remove using non-specialist techniques.

3. Pre-Spray

Next we will apply a pre-spray specially designed to lift oily dirt and pollutants from the fibres, then we brush in the pre-spray into the fibres making sure that all the areas are covered

4. Hot Water Extraction Machine

The hot water extraction machine unit we use cleans much better because it heats water to a high temperature and then shoots the cleaning solution into the fibres. This helps to break up the dirt, bacteria and pollens in the fibres. The machine then produces a huge vacuum volume to draw the dirt and pre-sprays out.

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5. Residue Rinse

We use the extraction machine and a residue free rinse to ensure that there are no cleaning products left in the fibres.

6. Grooming

Where, appropriate we will groom your furniture to leave it in best possible condition. This usually means we run a grooming brush over the fibres to ensure that they are tangle-free and as ‘fluffy’ as possible.

7. Protection

This will help the furniture stay cleaner for longer and prevent spillages becoming a permanent stains and marks. it is highly recommended on fabric suites.

8. Rapid-Dry™

Finally, we’ll use special air blowing dryers to rapidly speed up the  drying  your furniture so you can use them much quicker than normal.

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