We were invited to deep clean this white suite at a restaurant that we had completed some cleaning for previously. Through daily use it had become a bit tired and grubby-looking.

When we discussed the cleaning process with our client they emphasised that they had tried everything to get the white fabric to a clean appearance. They felt to that time that they had failed as nothing would offer the results they were looking to achieve.

Upholstery Cleaner LancashireNow some would say that having white fabric suites is a mistake due to the fact that they are incredibly challenging to keep clean. However, for a restaurant it is a clear statement that the establishment is both clean and cares about their appearance with crisp, white fabric chairs.

It is not impossible to keep the light-coloured fabric looking clean. So why not offer an outward show of your ongoing efforts to offer a clean environment for your customers?

Upholstery cleaning is a science and relies on the use of correct products and our industrial strength machinery. Without these a lot of effort can be expended for unsatisfactory results.

With our specialist cleaning methods, we were able to restore it t to near new condition. The image shows a cushion prior to cleaning and one that had been deep cleaned.

Are upholstery cleaners a necessity or an extravagance? We feel confident that this picture shows the need for our professional services. We offer a cost-effective solution with exceptional results.

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