Many sofa suites are made out of faux suede material. It is a medium-weight material that is ideal for upholstery furniture. It offers an affordable, soft and durable alternative to suede.

Cleaning Suede LancashireIts use for these items is down to the fact that it is a pliable material. It is absorbent and is known to be less expensive that suede or leather.

Our top tip for cleaning this type of material is to use a dry sponge or a suede brush to remove dirt and dust. Lifting these particles out of the fabric is always advisable and will ensure that your sofa stays looking at its best.

There are spray protectors available to offer further resistance against water damage or staining, however, it is important that your product selection is well-informed.

Cleaning Faux Suede

Our best advice would be to ask for our help. With this you are offered assurance that your faux suede will be deep cleaned and the optimum results achieved. The material will be protected and we are confident of our product selection.

Cleaning Faux Suede LancashireThese images show a faux suede suite that we were asked to clean. The first image shows how badly marked the arm was with grease and newspaper print. Some would genuinely believe that it was past saving due to is discoloured and dirty appearance.

With our professional deep cleaning process, the results speak for themselves. Our client was extremely pleased with the results and was shocked to see the improved appearance of their sofa.

It really isn’t worth living with an unsightly and dirty upholstery suite. Call on our services to deep clean and restore them quickly and efficiently. If you would like to arrange a no obligation quotation we would ask you to call us, free of charge today on 0800 695 3455.

It really will make a huge difference to your upholstery!

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