People are increasingly using hair products. Whilst on quick consideration you wouldn’t imagine this would have an effect on your upholstery; it certainly does!

Removing Grease LancashireIndividuals sitting back with hair products in can, over time, leave greasy marks on the cushions of your sofa suite.

The same can happen with without hair products as grease can transfer from your head onto your upholstery.

This may often have a more visible effect on a lighter-coloured suite, but it is important to remember that the same will be happening on your darker-coloured sofas as well. Just because you can’t see it as much doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need cleaning.

The good news is that our comprehensive upholstery cleaning service can work to deep clean these grease marks and improve their appearance.

Advice Guidelines for Removing Grease from Upholstery:

  • Grease removal CleveleysWhen you notice a grease stain, it is important to act fast to ensure the likelihood of full removal is successful
  • Talc powder or corn starch can be added to the grease stain in order to absorb the grease from the fabric
  • A mild formula dishwasher liquid can then be used and gently rubbed into the fabric
  • The stain should then be blotted with a damp cloth

It is vitally important that care is taken not to leave soap residue on the fabric as this will speed up re-soiling on the affected area.

Our best advice is to call us and ask for our help. Our services are cost-effective and offer superb results. You are left with clean-looking upholstery with no concern that the fabric will be damaged or left with residue in the fibres.

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