Everyone has parts of their job that they enjoy and for our skilled staff at Brights Cleaning that is offering the best overall service to our valued customers.

Many of our clients like to find out more about the cleaning process that is going to take place to their soft furnishings. The products that we use are eco-friendly and are soft enough to care for your fabric whilst powerful enough to offer an impressive clean.

This is a pattern fabric that we were asked to deep clean. Over years of use the fabric had gone very dull and had lost its sparkle. After a deep clean all the pattern and colours really shone through.

During your furniture’s lifetime it is subjected to an incredible amount of wear and tear. Even our most careful clients cannot stop the inevitable spillages, pet hair, dirt, dust and other contaminants from harbouring in their upholstery.

We are fortunate that most of these causes for concern can be eliminated by professional upholstery cleaning services. Here are some of the benefits that we can think of:

  • Cleaning Upholstery LancashireRemoval of unsavoury odours; the cleaning process ensures that all these harboured contaminants are removed from the fabric. It is important that your fabric is not made too wet and that care is taken to ensure that the odours are removed and not just covered up.
  • It helps your furniture last for longer; all dirt and grit particles act like sandpaper that wear away at the fibres of your furniture. This, over time, makes the furniture look tatty and worn.
  • It reduces allergens; professional cleaning removes trapped allergens from the fibres of the fabric. If these were to be left, allergy sufferers would undoubtedly experience heightened symptoms.
  • It eliminates stains; whilst offering an overall clean for upholstery, it is also important that individual stains are dealt with as required.

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