This is a suite that we were asked to clean in Cleveleys. The furniture was in the homes’ conservatory and had generally been well looked after and cared for.

When we spoke to the client they mentioned that they didn’t think that it was too dirty. From the video, showing the upholstery cleaning work that we completed, cleaning this suite really did make a massive difference.

Again it was an example of where dirt builds up over time on any upholstery suite and this means that it is often not realised just how dirty it is.

Even the most careful homeowner cannot avoid general dust and dirt accumulating on their upholstery furniture through normal and everyday use.

We identified the following tips for upholstery cleaning that we hope will help:

  • Prior to cleaning upholstery it is important to use a high powered vacuum which will remove both dirt and dust build up (if this was not removed the ingrained dirt can further discolour your upholstery during the cleaning process)
  • Make sure to get into all crevices to ensure that you are thoroughly cleaning the entire suite
  • If you spill anything on your upholstered material it is important to blot the spill as quickly as possible (this helps to prevent the liquid from soaking in)
  • Do not rub or scrub any stain

Our best advice is that different upholstery stains and different types of upholstery require an individual and tailored approach to deep cleaning.

Specific product formulations work better with certain types and experience has allowed us the benefit of detailed knowledge how best to deal with individual stains. Our upholstery cleaning machinery is high powered and delivers exceptional results which are visible on the video attached.

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