Too frequently we hear the discussion about how people clean their sofas or suites. Some would assume that it can be managed with a ‘quick wipe over’. Whilst this may offer a quick solution to a specific spot stain, it is most definitely not going to elongate the lifespan of your upholstery furniture.

New upholstery is an investment for any family. We all try to look after them but daily use means that they are under attack constantly. Oils, dirt from our clothing and other contaminants can dirty the fabric. As we have stated before; this may happen over many years so is less detectible to the eye.

However, once upholstery is cleaned, the transformation brings back the immediate memory of how the furniture once looked.

Cleaning upholstery Thornton CleveleysThis is a fabric suite we were asked to clean in Lancashire. Over the years the pattern on the cushions had become almost undetectable. We were asked to quote for the work and as part of this process we discussed the potential of restoring it to like-new.

The image shows that one cushion has all but lost its pattern. With our specialist deep cleaning programme we were able to reveal what was beyond the dirt.

When we consider dirty furniture we often associate this with stains or dark shading. This does not have to be the case as wear over years can just take the life out of fabric. These layers of dirt were lifted to return the suite to its original colour and beautiful pattern.

Our client was so pleased with the results. She was so pleased that she had found our website and commented how she was so happy to see the other projects that we had completed. We take great pride in our work and will always go the extra mile. Please call 0800 695 3455, free from your mobile to discuss our upholstery cleaning services.

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