Head Grease on Armchair;

headgrease on flat weave chair - beforeThis is a 3 piece suite that we were asked to clean in Preston; the lady phoned us and briefly explained about the head grease that was on one chair, in particular, and was unsure weather or not it could be cleaned.

We told her that we would come out an assess it free of charge to see what could be done. After seeing the suite it was clear that, although in a poor state, that indeed it could be cleaned.

Although we couldn’t promise to make it new again, we could definitely breath new life into it.

Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Poulton Le FyldeAs you can see from the photos, the chair and, indeed the rest of the upholstery cleaning, came up really well, the lady was really pleased with the end result as she thought that her suite was beyond help.

She had already been looking at new suites in view of replacing it, so not only did she get to keep the suite she loved, but saved hundreds of pounds by not saving to replace it.

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