It is an undeniable fact that well-cared for upholstery looks better. Regular cleaning removes the bacteria and other airborne contaminants that take residence on your upholstery fibres. These may be unseen, but it does not mean that they are not harmful.

Upholstery is attacked by a number of pollutants and contaminants. These in isolation can cause skin irritations, allergies and even infections.


Professional upholstery cleaning removes bacteria from your upholstery. Bacteria can be found on all surfaces within your home. It can, however, be a more of a challenge to remove them from your soft furnishings in comparison to harder surfaces. Bacteria will likely get into the fabric and padding of your upholstered furniture, so it is so incredibly important to deep clean the entire suite.

Upholstery Cleaner LythamDust Mites

Much like bacteria, dust mites live within soft furnishings within your house. These include your bedding, fabrics, upholstery and carpets. Many of the issues these mites can cause are well-publicised and include skin irritations, asthma and eczema. Once again, deep cleaning upholstery removes dust mites and leaves the fabric hygienically clean.


Due to the way that our upholstery is used, it is privy to a host of unpleasant odours. These may include body odours, pet smells, liquid spillages or food. Either way, these become embedded into fabric and can offer an unpleasant smell. Cleaning upholstery regularly can reduce these smells and it is important to use the correct products to offer further help with this.


Although this is the most likely to be seen, dirt and build up of grime is unsightly. These may build up to offer a dirty appearance. However, some dirt particles can also work like sandpaper to wear away at your upholstery fibres. Once broken down, irreversible damage will likely be caused.

What to Do?

Call on the help of professional upholstery cleaners, Brights Cleaning by calling FREE on 0800 695 3455. The above image shows a patterned cushion from a chair we were asked to clean. As you can see the pattern really stands out after our deep cleaning service.

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